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Eugene Ho

Managing Director

Eugene has been engaging in the Finance sector over the past 20 years, he was responsible for the business of Huadong Region in a Hong Kong listed company.
Eugene acted as the responsible officer of several fund houses, in charge of the fund management, risk control and compliance areas.
Graduated in Boston University, Eugene have abundant experiences in risk monitoring and regulatory handling.
He is also a current member of Jiangsu Provincial committee of the Chinese People‘s Political Consultative conference.

June Lee

Managing Director

June has been actively working in several multi-international banks in the past 20 years, owning comprehensive managerial experience in leading the sales team.
June graduated from the Minnesota State University, previously act as the sales and business development lead, expertise in taking care the risk management over clients portfolio.
Primarily choosing a range of fixed income products, in favor of a reliable and sustainable goals and built a deep bond in between clients.

Wallace Tam

Executive Director

Wallace has been working in the finance industry over 15 years, he has extensive experience in asset management and front line sales role.
Graduated from Jianan University, Wallace worked as a securities trader in the securities firm and a Team Manager at the Sales Department of the multi-international bank.
Mainly focusing in serving customer across the borders and delivering the best customer experience.

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